Friday, April 07, 2006

Beat humour and poetics... Lennie Bruce...Lawrence Ferlinghetti...Gregory Corso...

It was my birthday yesterday so here's some beat generation fun and games. Three from Lennie Bruce including the hilarious and still controversial 'How to relax your coloured friends at parties.' Plus a couple of poets – Lawrence Ferlinghetti who was somewhat overshadowed by Ginsberg and the second poet here – Gregory Corso.


Lennie Bruce

Enchanting Transylvania

How to relaxed your coloured friends at parties

Shorty Petterstein Interview

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Statue of St Francis
Gregory Corso
In the fleeting hands of time


These tracks can all befound on the boxed set 'Howls, Raps and Roars.'


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Lennie. I've been going back in time recently and just finished listening to some Lord Buckley. This was a pleasant find.

Rod... said...

Well - let's have some more - I posted some Buckley a while back - encore for Marc Anthony - and some more Lenny...

Simon said...