Sunday, September 04, 2005

Back from Dublin...

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My apologies - I have been away in Dublin for a relaxing stay with my very good friends the Wares in Rathfarnham. Normal blogging will be resumed asap but I am back and enmeshed in the preparations for our festival on Saturday 10th September - Sporadicfest!
Also - the whole tragic saga of Hurrican Katrina broke when I was away but I was not aware of it for several days being deliberately isolated from the media. Coming back to some of the reporting I have witnessed in the UK on the BBC etc - well, this is not the place or time to waste on this subject. But I can put up a link for anyone who wants information on donating or helping in anyway... HERE...
And for a vivid insight into the appalling realities New Orleans in particular is facing
I have been following this site - a live blog by a couple of people stranded in Downtown NO -here

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4eyez said...

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