Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Colour out of Space Returns...

Can't really afford it - but now the book has been published, I feel that I should treat myself.  And my favourite festival over the last few years has been the Brighton bash: 'Colour out of Space.'  Last year it did not happen due to various reasons and there was deep sadness in my autumn.  The previous couple of years - see reviews for 2008 here, here and here/2009 here, here and here - I'd gone down to Brighton for stimulating, exciting, weekends with loads of musics that I really like and some I encountered for the first time at a well run extravaganza, great sound good, great organisation, in a cool location.  This year apparently the festival will split between the Sallis Benney theatre (afternoons) and the Old Market, Hove (evenings).  Full details out later this week, apparently and you can get an early bird inclusive weekend ticket for a mere £25 (link on festival web site - I'm getting lazy).  Been a hermit recently for various reasons so I looking forward to having my ears/brain/eyes stretched. 

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