Saturday, December 01, 2007


I found out today that a dear friend died a few days ago... A great shock... my sincere condolences to Sarah, Angus and Jo and the family. Mick was a very special person and will be sadly missed... A husband, father and friend with much sparkle in his eyes and a deep love of all forms of music. So: here's Lennie Tristano's sombre tribute to Charlie Parker - 'Requiem,' then Aretha lifting us with her sublime live version of 'Bridge over troubled waters.' Up next, Mick, the wild Chris McGregor band with their ecstatic crashup of American, European and South African jazz styles, playing 'The Bride'... this you will dig, my friend...
To go out - Coltrane... 'Love'

Lennie Tristano

Aretha Franklin
Bridge over troubled waters

Chris McGregor/Brotherhood of Breath
The Bride

John Coltrane

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