Sunday, March 25, 2007

Club Sporadic...Saturday 24th March 2007...Hulot...Plexus...Whitedog...

A damn cold day... what is it about the occurrences of the Club Sporadic that confound global warming and always induce bad weather? Still... on y va... With only two acts on the night and one of them, the house band Plexus, down to two members, a minimal feeling in the air... But Whitedog's ambiance set up the evening and kept things rolling via the usual eccentric mix - Eddie Condon's dixieland to James Brown via Cecil Taylor and Bert Jansch anyone? (Plus some of his own murky electronica patched in...). Plexus started - a set dominated by a spartanly ominous drum beat that the two electric guitars duelled over and round - with some laptop towards the end dropping in disembodied voices of american poets - Charles Olson and William Carlos Williams (well, you had to be there, as they say...). After some interval music - a return for local band Hulot - on their second public appearance, I think, with a couple of new songs - that choppy guitar and deep driving bass booting it along over the drum machine - with its ever-present memories of the Three Johns among others. In the English rock tradition - a peppy set, short sharp songs. A contrast to some of the more outré bands we put on... but the Sporadic has always been a broad field of performance... Hulot are becoming one of our favourites... and people danced (see above).

Teledu and Warner (the Old Firm) came back on for more guitar madness... after some laptop looping and droning, a duel electric thrash that became more abrasive and loud... we enjoyed it... a practice really for the upcoming Damo Suzuki gig at the Quad Studios in Leicester next month (28th April - when Plexus will be joining with Black Carrot to become Damo's 'Sound-Carriers' for the night.

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