Friday, January 06, 2006

Derek Bailey at the BBC...

OK – I said that I would hunt down some of the Derek Bailey airshots I recorded way back when from the BBC Radio 3 series 'Jazz Today.' The first one is here and should have gone up with the post yesterday: Final Thoughts etc – but the clock was against me. This is Derek in the studio playing live on acoustic – a piece called 'Duke' from the mordantly titled 'The only good jazz composer is a dead one' suite. Maybe I will put up the rest as and when. The sound quality is not perfect – these were cassette transcriptions from the live radio broadcasts – but are adequate enough, I guess. One thing you'll notice on this track is the constant use of open strings grounding it securely in the natural tonalities of the guitar: E A D G etc.
From this same program I also have some fiery Paul Dunmall improvising -I may get round to putting up some of this at a later date. One more for Derek... enjoy...

Derek Bailey



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