Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bluebird... Ornette Coleman... Derek Bailey...

Here's a weird and wonderful mix – I found a Bluebird sampler yesterday that I bought a couple of years ago and promptly forgot about. Like all samplers, a curate's egg... But some interesting stuff. A rare Art Blakey Jazz Messengers track for starters – at the time when theoretically Jackie McLean had left and Johnny Griffin came in – except that they are both on this track, Bill Hardman making up the front line on trumpet – a peppy solo from him. McClean still plays under the heavy shadow of Bird here, Griffin his usual rapid-fire self. Sam Dockery on piano and the delightfully named 'Spanky' De Brest on bass. The guv'nor at the traps, majestically powering it all along.

The Mingus is an alternate take from 'New Tijuana Moods,' with the very wonderful and totally obscure Clarence Shaw on trumpet. A brief overview of the sessions that made up 'Tijuana Moods' and its later reprise with added alternate takes can be found here...

The Ellington band from 1967 make up this trio – Johnny Hodges on imperious form.

People seem to like Ornette – he's statistically the most popular download off this blog. So: here's a couple more from 'Change of the Century.'

Lastly – a repost of a couple of Derek Bailey tracks, solos from 'Improvisation'... why not? Just to mention a touching tribute (and free download of a track from the album featured here: 'Improvisation') to the late Derek from my friend and collaborator Murray Ward here... Another indication of the ways that Bailey touched many of us - apart from the music there was something about the man that generated deep affection among strangers...


Art Blakey

Charles Mingus
Tijuana Gift Shop

Duke Ellington
Blood Count


Ornette Coleman


Face of the Bass



Derek Bailey





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