Sunday, August 28, 2011

Free downloads at The Lows and the Highs...

Murray Ward of The Lows and the Highs sends this info - grab yourself a bargain!

We've now sold out (or have very limited stock) of a number of our early releases.

You can now download them for free:

HI/LO001 - The (plexus) Collective - Warner/Ward: The Alephs
HI/LO002 - dj_spleenbaby - Gone with the Wind vs. The Last Starfighter
HI/LO003 - The (plexus) Collective - Warner/Ward: Axiom of Choice
HI/LO004 - The (plexus) Collective -Ward: Ekstasis
HI/LO005 - The (plexus) Collective - Warner/Ward/Teledu: Differend
HI/LO006 - The (plexus) Collective - Warner/Ward/Teledu: A Hopeless Task
HI/LO007 - The Failed NASA Experiment - First Frost
HI/LO008 - The Failed NASA Experiment - Ap Helion EP
HI/LO009 - The Failed NASA Experiment - Ohrwurm

Visit The Lows and the Highs... and follow the links to the albums on the Catalogue page...

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