Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Marilynn Crispell/Gary Peacock/Paul Motian... Ornette Coleman... Miles Davis...

A confusing time since I got back – family stuff – an impending baby (my daughter's) - technical problems – plus two great gigs back to back (Jack Hudson and Don Partridge) and a weekend with old friends which necessitated a surfeit of raking...

So to start again, before the reviews – here's Marilynn Crispell with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian. An understated trio, slow and ruminative on 'Albert's Love Theme,' taken from the set dedicated to the compositions of Annette Peacock, 'Nothing ever was, anyway.' Subtle flicks of nuance, discreet colouring – yet underneath a clenched and emotional rigour at work which makes of it something more than just a mood piece. Crispell who can hammer the exhilarating chromatic hell out of a piano with the best gonzo stylists around reins back here and lets the notes breathe. Peacock takes a solo in similar mode – the emotion conveyed beyond mere technique or considerations of the instrumental avenue chosen, thought matched to heart expressed immediately through the body's skill. Motian gives a brief patter across the kit before the piano returns... Somewhat beautiful...

A track of skidding brilliance. Ornette and Prime Time playing 'City Living' from the live set 'Opening the Caravan of Dreams.' A suitably romantic and utopian name for a venue graced by such a romantic and (impossibly) utopian musician. There is a damaged vulnerability to Ornette's playing armoured by an intrinsic courage that took him from facing early contempt – through facing later contempt and ignorance. To win out... Heartwrenching alto flies through the maelstrom that surrounds him – the clattering guitars and drums - rising free...

I'm coming down slowly after the last few days of insanity – so, something to ease the recovery... Miles playing 'There is no greater love,' backed by the grand rhythm section of the classic Fifties band, Red Garland, Paul and Philly Joe. Miles begins and ends - tight harmon muted stuff - bookending Garland, who comes in to his solo locked hands all the way, slow and bluesy. Dedicated to a special person...

Marilynn Crispell
Marilynn Crispell (p) Gary Peacock (b) Paul Motian (d)
Albert's Love Theme


Ornette Coleman
Ornette Coleman (as) Bern Nix Charlie Ellerbee (g) Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Al MacDowell (b) Denardo Coleman, Sabir Kamal (d)
City Living


Miles Davis
Miles Davis (t) Red Garland (p) Paul Chambers (b) 'Philly' Joe Jones (d)
There is no greater love


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