Monday, January 14, 2008

Bobby Bradford/John Carter... Evan Parker... Lighning Hopkins... Bob Wills

I'm off to Budapest in a couple of hours so this is done on the run...

Bobby Bradford – a great if undersung trumpet/cornet hero from Dallas, Texas... Interesting interview here...
In tandem with John Carter – when you hear the clarinet you really do wonder why it wasn't used more in modern jazz and onwards... 'Sunday afternoon jazz society blues.' Don Preston's synth is a bit jarring but doesn't get in the way too much...

'From Houston, Texas, the blues man... Lightning Hopkins.' And the old Lightning boogie starts up... sharp guitar stabs flash across the rhythm as Mr Hopkins tells the tale: 'Mojo Hand.' Always something completely imperious about Lightning, batting every song into his mode of submission, sweeping his back-up musicians along in his slipstream.

Evan Parker 1978 one-horned explorations. Although you might figure that Parker, being equally adept on soprano and tenor was effectively two-horned – biceros? Horns of sheer plenty, whatever... cornucopias for the cognoscenti...
I thought the title came from Spenser but:
' Interestingly, though this was not involved in the choice of title, the monoceros is mentioned in Peter Ackroyd's The house of Doctor Dee: 'In Libya dwells the monoceros that feasts upon poison, and can make itself into male or female as it wishes...' ' (From here...).

And to fly out on - another proud son of the Lone Star State - the mighty Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys - 'Bubbles in my beer.' Western swing as she is swung...

Bobby Bradford/John Carter
Bobby Bradford (ct) John Carter (cl) Don Preston (synth, keyboards) Richard Davis (b) Andrew Cyrille(d)
Sunday afternoon jazz society blues


Evan Parker (ss)
Monoceros 3


Lighning Hopkins
Mojo Hand


Bob Wills (and his Texas Playboys)
Bubbles in my beer


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