Friday, January 12, 2007

Chico Hamilton... and Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker...Tony Oxley... Albert Ayler... Red Norvo... Larry Young

Less waffle than usual (sounds like an instruction to a short order chef) – I am going to Nottingham tonight to see this lot, so on the clock... Also – check out the new feature at the bottom of the left hand side of the page – an mp3 player which I am still tinkering with... at the moment only loaded with ten tracks, some of which have been featured here as recent downloads...

Chico Hamilton disbanded his quintet in 1961 and formed a new group where the trombone was brought in to replace the cello, giving a tougher edge to the sound. He retained the services of the young Charles Lloyd from his old band – and gave him more prominence as MD and composer/arranger of much of the new material. Here's 'One for Joan,' a loping swaggering piece, Lloyd showing his Coltrane influence, the trombonist contributing some fiery blowing. Szabo comes up and worries at a phrase in interesting fashion to start his solo. Fascinating change of direction at the time – from one of the more undersung jazz giants. This track dedicated to Mr Hamilton whose nomination by President Bush to the National Council on the Arts has now been confirmed by the Senate...

Gerry Mulligan recorded 'Moonlight in Vermont' with Chet Baker in 1953. Briefly introduced by the bass, it becomes a slow, mournfully reading of the rather beautiful standard..

'Saturnalia' is taken from Tony Oxley's album 'Four Compositions for Sextet,' 1970. A fascinating snapshot of where British free jazz was on the cusp of a new decade... Bailey especially had already found his voice, on this evidence...

Albert Ayler, playing 'Holy Holy' from his album, 'Witches and Devils.' Introduced by Murray's drums, Ayler launches himself straight in, pleading vocalised querulous and questing tone swathed in that oceanic vibrato, his style by 1964 pretty much fully formed. Speaking in tongues...
Noah Howard is impressive in adapting to the new language of freedom being forged...

Red Norvo was a quiet revolutionary in his own way... not just a piano-less but a drummerless trio here – with Red Mitchell, who took over from Charles Mingus in the bass chair and the great Tal Farlow. Mainly improvised stuff – apparently they took it as it came – flowing, light – and swinging...

Larry Young recorded 'Seven Steps to Heaven' as part of his 'Of Love and Peace' album in 1966. Considering the Miles Davis connection in the title, Eddie Gale seems hell-bent on proving he had his own voice – brash, fiery and storming stuff from the trumpeter (who is still around, I think...). Exhilarating...

In the Videodrome...

... 30 mins plus of Wolf Eyes...
... Lenny Bruce live...

Chico Hamilton
(Chico Hamilton (d); Charles Lloyd (ts); Garnett Brown (tb); Gabor Szabo (g); Albert Stinson (b) )
One for Joan


Gerry Mulligan/Chet Baker
(Gerry Mulligan (bs); Chet Baker (tp); Carson Smith (b); Chico Hamilton (d) ).
Moonlight in Vermont


Tony Oxley
(Evan Parker (t); Kenny Wheeler (tp); Paul Rutherford (tb); Derek Bailey (g); Jeff Clyne (b); Tony Oxley (d) ).


Albert Ayler
(Albert Ayler (ts); Noah Howard (tp); Earl Harrison (b) Sunny Murray (d) ).
Holy Holy


Red Norvo Trio
(Red Norvo: (vb); Tal Farlow (g); Red Mitchell (b) ).
Lullaby of the leaves


Larry Young
(Larry Young (og); James Spaulding (fl, as; Herbert Morgan (ts); Eddie Gale (tp); Jerry Thomas, Wilson Moorman III (d) ).
Seven steps to heaven


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