Thursday, September 28, 2006

Belated return... Coltrane and Duke... and Paul Quinichette... Alice Coltrane...

My apologies, amigos. The last week has been fraught and chaotic with all manner of craziness to contend with. Three up for a fast holding action – normal posting resuming very soon – maybe even later today if the gods smile - with a review of Jason Moran's new album 'Artist in Residence' for starters...

John Coltrane recorded with Duke Ellington in 1962 . 'Big Nick' is a jaunty little tune, Coltrane sounding relaxed and happy on soprano. Duke his usual urbane self, spacy and sharp.

Coltrane made a lot of records in the fifties – one of these from 1957 is with Paul Quinichette – whom Lester Young dubbed 'Lady Q.' Coltrane ebullient here and Quinichette a more than adequate foil for some straight ahead blowing - he was a better player than his heavy influence by the Prez sometimes suggests.

And the wife. Into the mystic we shall go... 'Universal Consciousness' is one of those swirling harp and string led tracks from Alice Coltrane which theoretically should not work – but do. Strings nicely astringent...

In the Videodrome...

Some Jimmie Lunceford your heart out MTV...

and some Spike Jones – Song of the Volga Boatmen...

and Paul Whiteman... the King of Jazz(sic)...

and the REAL stuff – Count Basie...

John Coltrane/Duke Ellington
(John Coltrane (soprano saxophone); Duke Ellington (piano); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Elvin Jones (drums)
Big Nick


John Coltrane/Paul Quinichette
(John Coltrane, Paul Quinichette (ts) Mal Waldron (p) Julian Euell (b) Ed Thigpen d)).



Alice Coltrane
Personnel includes: Alice Coltrane (arranger, harp, organ); John Blair, Julius Brand, Leroy Jenkins (violin); Tulsi (tambura); Jimmy Garrison (bass); Rashied Ali, Clifford Jarvis (drums, percussion); Jack DeJohnette (drums).

Universal Consciousness


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