Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In Europe 1966... more Student Studies with Cecil Taylor...

...More from 'Student Studies' 1966... Moving backwards from yesterday... the first track, 'Student Studies Part 1.' Opens on a quacking repeated single note from Lyons over arco bass. Piano answers with a dark rolling figure and bass and drums follow. Several brief, discrete sections, starting and stopping. An odd, abrupt momentum. Then - a long duet with Taylor and Cyrille as equal partners sonically. In contrast to 'Amplitude,' Taylor plays more upfront piano here. Dense, exhausting, exciting... rewarding. If you can follow the vision, you will receive much back... Cyrille goes with him all the way, whiplash reflex drums and cymbals matching the keyboard multiple trajectories. Falling to a bass run and Lyons quacking that note over and over to link the sections as Silva bows deeply and the piano hammers out deep and trenchant notes. Lyons poking at notes as Silva comes up through the register, the piano ominously scuttling in the bass and middle register. A slow seesawing quartet... Lyons sputtering sax as the piano and bass weave richly around him – a delirious vertigo. Piano featured more on this track, Lyons saxophone is more colour and integrated into the quartet sections – no featured solo as such.

Cecil Taylor
(Cecil Taylor: piano; Jimmy Lyons: alto saxophone; Alan Silva: bass; Andrew Cyrille: drums).
Student Studies Part 1



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