Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hipsters, Flipsters and finger-popping daddies – knock me your lobes... Lord Buckley Redux...

I've been busy these last days so late on parade with this week's selection. I've been at a great gig (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Hush Arbors and Sunburned Hand of the Man in Nottingham) and played on two others – friday in Northampton at Liquidiser's regular sessions and last night the first one of this year's Club Sporadic – which went brilliantly – some fine music played by Stephen Lenehan and The Good Anna apart from ourselves. So: screw music this week! Need a break:

So: some hip humour from way back. I first encountered Lord Buckley's work in the sixties. He comes and goes out of fashion but is usually around somewhere in the background – wherever hipsters are having a laugh. Here's three of his most famous routines: The Raven, The Nazz and Marc Anthony's Funeral Oration. Head for Kick City... Enjoy...


The Nazz

Marc Anthony's Funeral Oration



The Raven


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