Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another Tuesday... aftermath of cricket!

Another Tuesday - spent far too much time watching the cricket over the weekend and yesterday so only getting back to working schedule this morning! Above is a photo of Murray and myself that I discovered in some old posts by David, the third participant in the Plexus collective. Taken a while back...
A photo of Murray and David can be found here

I am doing a solo set on Saturday at the Sporadic this coming Saturday 10th Sept - and I suddenly realised that I hadn't prepared anything and would like to try something new. So feverish activity will be the order of the day and night for the next whatever. Murray wants to try something out on our festival in September where we will be collaborating with some multi-media artists. He wants me to supply voice samples over his instrumental laptop stuff. Usually we don't delineate improvisational areas much in advance but this looks promising as I enjoy playing with cut-up voices, choirs, poets etc and it will give us both a chance to sharpen our focus in performance. Often things get very dense as sound piles up on sound. Which has its place but sometimes it is interesting to lay back a bit. Also, the visual aspect should add a new dimension to our set and one that will require a different level of concentration.
So maybe this week's solo performance might contain a few seeds for September...

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